Forest Hill United Methodist Church

Opportunities to worship and study God’s word:

Morning Fire Worship Service: 8:45am Sunday Morning

Morning Fire is our contemporary forty-five (45) minute worship service that begins at 8:45am and is over by 9:30am. The dress code for this service is very informal. Coffee and other goodies are served before and after the service.

Fueling the Fire (Sunday School): 9:45am

We have Sunday school classes for all age groups. There are two adult classes, a youth and soon there will be two children’s classes.

Traditional Worship Service:11am

This is a very traditional Methodist Service. Complete with choir, piano, organ and acolytes. The dress code for this service is casual dress.

Apprenticeship to Apostles 5 to 6:15pm

This study opportunity will involve reading “Wesley’s 52 Standard Sermons”, a book on evangelism and a gospel and will be broken down into three 25 minute sections. The focus will be on what Jesus says, what John Wesley preached and how we can share our faith. Please come.

Warming up on Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Night Dinner 5:15-6pm

Wednesday night is HUMP DAY and by Wednesday evening we all need a rest from the work-a-day world and Forest Hill is the place to come be refreshed. A complete meal is served, salad, meat, starch, vegetable and drink and desert all for $5.00.

Age Appropriate Activities at 6pm

There are activities for all ages, Youth Bible Study, Children’s Choir, and Chimes and other activities, and for adults there is Bible Study with the Pastor.


We are located on Forest Hill Drive.

If you are on Ziegler make a turn on to Forest Hill Drive at the light going toward HWY 98 (Moffat Rd.) We are on your left.

If you are on HYW 98 turn by Mobile Area Water, Sewer System and travel toward Ziegler and we will be on your right.

Turn onto Princeton Drive. Parking is available in back of the church.